Hardcore Yearmix 2016 – DJSample7

Hierbij komt dan ook zijn Hardcore Yearmix 2016 online.
De mix duurt 74 min en bevat 105 tracks

000-Intro (Hardcore Yearmix 2016)
001-Mindustries – the Perfect Machine
002-Tymon – Fade to Black
003-G-Town Madness and Attic and Stylzz – Kick Ass
004-Metal Mafia – Final Exam
005-Promo – Authenticity
006-Alien T – I Hate Children
007-Mindustries – Other Dimensions
008-Neverlution – Spit Fire
009-Promo – the Vow
010-Rude Awakening – Staalplaat
011-Tymon – Instakill
012-E- Noid – Hellparty- Remastered
013-E- Noid – Mixmaster- Remastered
014-Architekton – Soulless Entity
015-Cemon Victa Ft. B1zz3r – Freqshow
016-Underdoggz – the Symbiont
017-Brutal Force – the Underground
018-Densha Crisis – Disfunctional Pattern
019-Menthalquake – Prison
020-Wavolizer – Forecast
021-System Shock – the Fear
022-System Shock – Bullets
023-Tymon – Crunch Time
024-Squaresoundz – Unforgotten
025-Strobcore – Black Magic
026-Freak on – Drop Your Weapon
027-Nitrogenetics – Break Free
028-Treachery and Heretik – Hard Like Thunder
029-Underdoggz – Absolute Evil
030-Miss Hysteria – Nyctophilia
031-Nitrogenetics – Release the Anger
032-The Fuze – I Will Bust You
033-The Fuze – Make the Club Go
034-Treachery and Heretik – Power (Black Magic 2016 Anthem Instrumental)
035-Tymon – Poison Hate
036-Paul Elstak – the Promised Land (The Viper Remix)
037-Dj Mad Dog – Call of Fury
038-Phoenix – Something Like This
039-Neophyte and Evil Activities with E-Life and Alee – Exodus (Official
Exodus 2016 Anthem)
040-Neverlution – Tear the Booth Up
041-Angerfist and Radical Redemption – Order of Hostility (Official
Airforce 2016 Anthem)
042-Bodyshock – the Gangsters Back
043-Crossfiyah – Dominate
044-D-Passion – Take Your Own Path
045-Decipher and Shinra – Fire and Blood
046-Destructive Tendences – Do You Bleed
047-Dirty Bastards – Tarantella
048-Dirty Bastards Ft Tha Watcher – Breaknecks
049-Enzyme X – Waffle Stomp (Full Dj MIX)
050-Korsakoff – Somnia
051-Lowroller – Futurebreed
052-Miss Hysteria – Damn the Dark (Mindustries Remix)
053-Miss K8 and MC Nolz – Raiders of Rampage (Official Moh 2016 Anthem)
054-Noize Suppressor and Tha Playah Ft. MC Nolz – Headshot
055-Predator and Catscan – Down with the Real
056-Re-Style – Fast Life
057-Re-Style and Bodyshock Ft. MC Nolz – Wild Sparks
058-Reevoid – the Rush
059-Rude Awakening – the Makers and the Owners
060-Ruffneck – I Am Death (Greyluke 1725)
061-Sei2ure – Massive on the Bass
062-Sei2ure – Vibrator
063-Sei2ure – the Judgement
064-Sei2ure and Trasher – Revolution
065-The Outside Agency – Deep Sleep
066-The Outside Agency – the Machinery of Death (Deathmachine Remix)
067-Evil Activities – God Damn Noise
068-Ohmicide and D-Mas – Blood Unity
069-Animal Tag & Naughty Kicks – Pass It
070-Animal Tag Ft. Da Mouth of Madness – Let the Bass Drop
071-Catscan Vs. Decipher – Masters
072-Crossfiyah – Gunfight
073-Dirty Bastards – Diving Down
074-Dyprax Ft MC Tha Watcher – Music in My Head (Free Festival Anthem 2016)
075-G-Ohm – New Order
076-Jimmy Hooligan – System of Pump (Noise MIX)
077-N-Vitral – the Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem)
078-Neophyte and D-Fence with Tim and Alee – Rammen
079-Nitrogenetics – Burned By the Dark
080-Predator and Triax – Savage
081-Section Grabuge Ft. Stargon – Blood Salt
082-Tha Playah – Get Hard
083-The Punisher and Neiko – From the Dark
084-The Unfamous and Drokz – Bring Some Beer
085-Noxize – the Nxz Anthem
086-Suicide Circle – Diffuse the Tension
087-D-Passion – Something for the Bitches
088-Dj Virulenz – Bad Mf
089-Jane Dark – Ascended
090-Nephilim – Crazy
091-Promo – Copy Paste
092-Sei2ure – Disfunction
093-Day-Mar and Icha – Black Flowers
094-Dyprax – Guerilla Games
095-Neophyte and Evil Activities – Alles Kapot (D-Fence Remix)
096-Noize Suppressor – Man on a Mission
097-The Melodyst – Not so Bad
098-The Melodyst – C.O.R.E.
099-Tommyknocker and Art of Fighters – Your Betrayal
100-Suicide Circle – Punk Mf
101-Angernoizer and Vandalsm – Peptalk
102-Hardcore Masterz Vienna & Klaut-G – Baddest Reputation
103-Hmv and Klaut-G – Have a Party
104-Masters of Noise & Sonic Ft. D-Vstor – Never Stop the Music
105-Masters of Noise & Sonic Ft. D-Vstor – Sounds of Destruction


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